Shadow Of The Flag was formed in the early portion of 2013 by drummer Jeff Lees and guitarist Angelo Morreale. Both come from the Pittsburgh, PA area. They started writing music online using a Mac, Logic Pro and the wonderful visuals of Skype! Upon the completion of their third song they set out on their global search for a singer to front their project. After wading through several submissions from fine singers from all over the world the choice was clear, Gordon McCready from Toronto Canada was the new front man for Shadow Of The Flag! 
Most people wonder how the band members can keep up with each other being miles apart. Well with the wonders of "Soundjack", a virtual internet rehearsal room, they are able to stay sharp and write some pretty kick ass songs! Plus being that Pittsburgh and Toronto are only a 5 hour driving distance from one another, they have a vast area to book shows in between the two cities! So be on the lookout for Shadow Of The Flag!



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